5 Best Coffee Shops to Work From in Asheville, North Carolina

If you’re a freelancer or someone who works outside of the office, you’re probably always looking for the best coffee shops to work from, but it can be hard to nail down the perfect spot. There are several important factors at play—How’s the WiFi? Are there comfy chairs? What’s on the menu? And, maybe most importantly, does it feel like a cozy, productive space?  Asheville, North Carolina is full of coffee shops that are worth checking out if you’re in the area, and we’ve gathered a list of the top five best coffee shops to work from if you’re spending a few days in Asheville and need to carve out some productive time!

Odd’s Cafe

Odd’s Cafe is located in west Asheville, NC, and they offer locally roasted coffee, a large array of sweets—including gluten free and vegan options—and some of the city’s best loose leaf teas. Basically, no matter what you need to get you through your next big online project, Odd’s has got you covered.  If you’re looking for a cozy coffee shop to put in a few work hours, we definitely recommend checking out Odd’s Cafe. More than just your basic, every-day coffee joint, Odd’s really shows off its Asheville vibes. The staff is incredible, and the atmosphere is wonderful for those days when you just really need to get some work done. 

Best Coffee Shops | Asheville NC

If you find yourself in the west Asheville, NC area and need to grab some caffeine and finish your current project, stop by Odd’s Cafe, snag a drink, and settle in. We recommend trying out the cinnamon-honey latte from their Local Favorites menu—you won’t regret it!

High Five Coffee

High Five Coffee is hands-down one of the best coffee shops in Asheville, NC, especially for freelancers looking to get in a few hours of work. High Five is located downtown, which sets you up in the perfect spot to do some exploring after you finish working! They serve Counter Culture Coffee, which is roasted only a few hours away in Durham, NC—and that is one reason they are one of the top coffee shops in Asheville, North Carolina.

Best Coffee Shops | Asheville NC

If you enjoy the family-owned, small town vibe when you’re catching up on work, High Five Coffee is definitely the place for you. Even though it’s situated in the middle of the hustle and bustle of downtown Asheville, walking into High Five feels like walking into a cozy and warm new atmosphere. We recommend the chai milkshake! 

The Dripolator

The Dripolator is one of our favorite coffee shops located just outside of Asheville, NC in the smaller town of Black Mountain. It’s a great place to visit when you want to get away from the sounds of the city and travel just a bit farther into the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains that surround Asheville.  The Dripolator has been serving incredible coffee since 1999, and they roast all their coffee themselves with an off-site Diedrich roaster—and trust us, you don’t want to miss out on that incredible, locally roasted bliss. 

Best Coffee Shops | Asheville NC

With a free WiFi connection that you can count on—not a luxury to be taken lightly in the middle of the mountains—and comfy indoor/outdoor seating options, The Dripolator has easily made its way into our hearts and onto our list of the top coffee shops that Asheville, NC has to offer. If you get the chance to get some work done at The Dripolator, we recommend the Mayan mocha!

Trade and Lore Coffee

Trade and Lore Coffee is another top coffee shop located in downtown Asheville, North Carolina that has created the perfect ambiance for those days when you just need to dedicate your time to your work. Not only does Trade and Lore provide you with a comfy, cozy place to work from, but they also sell at-home coffee bundles that allow you take a little piece of bliss back home with you after work.

Best Coffee Shops | Asheville NC

If you’re looking to capture that coffee-shop-work vibe and let it loose in your own home, Trade and Lore has got you covered with their candles, aromatherapy oils, and, of course, the at-home coffee bundle. If you’re wandering the streets of downtown Asheville, NC, looking for a comfy chair to settle into and a boost of caffeine to keep you going, stop by Trade and Lore Coffee. We recommend trying out their seasonal vanilla syrup lattes!

Summit Coffee Company

Summit Coffee Company is the last but not the least top coffee shop on our list! Located in Asheville’s River Arts District, this coffee shop has the perfect historical vibes to put you in the mood to do something great with your freelance work. They offer plenty of seating options, and they have a 360° bar in the middle of the shop, meaning you’re always close to your next cup.

Best Coffee Shops | Asheville NC

Next time you’re in the area, go down to the River Arts District and grab a cup of coffee at Summit Coffee Company—you’ll be glad you did, and you’ll find yourself in the perfect environment to tackle your next big project. We recommend trying their iced latte!

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